Is this normal? FAQ

Here is a list of answers to the most common questions that we get from you. You can also visit our Wiki for product manuals and additional useful information. If you are not able to find the answer you are looking for in the list below please visit the Contacts.

  • The stabilizers on my keyboard rattle

  • There is a noticeable spring pinging noise on my keyboard

  • Why is there no ringing sound in the YouTube video?

  • Long keys on my keyboard are loose

  • Long keys may become tilted when pressed on one side

  • The switches on my keyboard sound different in different places

  • Why do the same switches sound different on different keyboards?

  • My keyboard squeaks if you press on the plastic — it makes a sound

  • There is not some button/Numpad etc. on my keyboard

  • I have a warped spacebar and some traces on the keycaps. And there's even a burr on the sides at the bottom!

  • I ripped out the stem when I removed the keycap from the Cherry MX Clear, what can I do?