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The KBDFANS TIGER LITE Kit is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard that allows you to create the keyboard of your dreams almost scratch: there are no keycaps and switches so you can pick the perfect combination.


You can remap keys, layers and create macros via a dedicated software, VIA.

Flex cut PCB

Flex cut enhances PCB's mobility, helping to maximize softness and elasticity of pressure.


Special sockets allow the switches to be freely replaced without resoldering. The standard Cherry MX style switches are suitable for this keyboard.

Tape Mod

Glued to the back of the board to create a deeper sound.

TSANGAN layout

Has a non-standard layout of the bottom row and the space 7U, which may not match some sets of keys.

Polycarbonate plate

More flexible, making the keyboard slightly quieter.

Gasket Mount

Mounting style with damper pads, which isolates the PCB and plate from direct contact with the case, providing a softer, quieter typing sound.

All for noise and vibration insulation

Two pads enable quieter typing. The switch pads will allow the switches to hold more firmly in the PCB, and stabilizer foam stickers will help them not to hit the surface of the plate.

Case included

The set comes with a sturdy case that allows you to transport the keyboard without the fear of scratches and also provides a place to store accessories and other small things.

Technical details

Number of keys
Connection Type
USB Type-C
Dimensions (LxWxH)
35.8 x 13.4 x 3.19 cm
1 year


  • USB Type-C cable

  • Keyboard without keycaps and switches

  • Zippered case

  • Soundproofing

  • Vibration isolation

  • Switch pads

  • Tape mod

  • Stabilizers for assembly

  • Parts kit: stabilizer Foam Stickers, rubberized feet, gaskets for the gasket mount, screws and hex key

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