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Tool for removing switches from mechanical keyboards. The rounded tips make it easy to grip the switch and remove it from the slot. Simplifies life to the max if you have a keyboard with HOT-SWAP and change switches regularly.

  • Suitable for most Cherry-like switches.
  • Besides its basic purpose it is also suitable for removal of small parts for working with electronic chips.
  • The puller is not made of vibranium (metal + plastic), so in order to avoid deformation, please do not squeeze the parts with all your might.

Note: Do not try to remove an unsoldered switch with a puller, as this may have unfortunate consequences. You can break the switch itself as well as tear out the tracks on the PCB.

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Amir Öz

Bitte aktualisiert eure Seite endlich :( - so coole Dinge aber alles ausverkauft

1 year ago

Maybe, you need some like those

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