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Variants features

Variant Connection Switches Backlight
Mini-USB Type-C Bluetooth Cherry MX Varmilo EC v2
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MA × × ×
VD × × ×
VEA × ×
VEM × × ×
VED × × ×

Varmilo is a shining star in the firmament of Chinese keyboard manufacturers. Pre-lubed stabilisers, hand-assembly, aesthetic design - every Varmilo keyboard is like a masterpiece. 

The name "Dreams on Board" gives it away — this keyboard is dreamy, cute, and super sweet! Soft shades of purple and pink envelop the keyboard, and the butterfly flutters seductively from one blossom to the next. This board is a real eye-catcher ;)

V-Silk keycaps

Manufactured from durable PBT plastic with dye-sublimation technology and engraved symbols on the sides. The keys are smooth, tactile and less likely to get soiled, and the symbols don't fade and don't feel when you type.

Additional FN combinations

You can use keyboard shortcuts for volume and music control, disable the Windows key, and rotate the Fn and Win/Ctrl keys and Caps Lock. Key symbols may be slightly off due to manufacturing.

Pre-Lubed stabilisers

The combination of stabilisers and lube makes the enter, space, shift and backspace keys run uniformly and smoothly.

Adjustable feet

Allow you to raise the keyboard and adjust the angle for comfortable typing, while the rubberised bottom stops the keyboard from moving.

Compatible with Mac OS

The Multimedia and additional FN combinations are compatible with the MAC OS and work properly. The modifier keys can be switched in the system settings. Tested with MAC OS 10.13.

Full N-key Rollover (NKRO)

Lets you press an unlimited number of keys at once. Useful in games when you need to press multi-key combinations.

Technical details

Number of keys
Keycap material
Compatible with MAC OS
Multimedia keys
Detachable cable
Connection Type
USB Type-C
Cable length
1.8 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
35,5 x 13,5 x 3,5 cm
1 kg
1 year


  • Keyboard

  • Box

  • A shipping box is part of the package. You will need it if you want to return the keyboard without a deduction for the incomplete set;

  • Dust cover

  • Varmilo keycap puller - allows you to easily remove the keycaps from the keyboard

  • USB Type-C cable with velcro clasp

  • Instruction

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My first keyboard! Everything arrived beautifully packaged and shipping was super fast. Keyboard works great, sounds and looks amazing. Thank you guys!

11 months ago

Maybe, you need some like those

Hello, our dear customer,

Please note: the Varmilo keyboard you've selected has a variety of configurations. It's indeed the same keyboard you're interested in, but with a few variations. These differences include the type of connection, the backlight, and the switches available.

We believe you'll navigate through these options with ease – a few clicks and you'll be all set! But if things seem a bit puzzling, don't fret. Just click the WTF button for a detailed comparison table.

Ok, thanks!

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