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Varmilo is a shining star in the firmament of Chinese keyboard manufacturers. Pre-lubed stabilisers, hand-assembly, aesthetic design - every Varmilo keyboard is like a masterpiece.

The design of Minilo is inspired by the works of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi: it combines shades of beige, gray-blue, and green colors.


Special sockets allow the switches to be freely replaced without resoldering.  

Doubleshot ABS keycaps

The keys are smooth, tactile and the symbols don't fade -- because they're made of plastic.

Noise proof & vibration damper

There are two foam pads inside: in the case + between the PCB and the plate. They absorb sounds and vibrations from pressing and make the typing process quieter.

White backlight

There are 6 modes: static light, single key light, wave, breathing, EKG and streamer. The modes can be changed via FN + right arrow; FN + up/down arrow changes the brightness in static mode and speed in fade mode.

Soft-touch case

Made of plastic resembling a soft-touch coating - silky and pleasant.

Pre-Lubed stabilisers

The combination of stabilisers and lube makes the enter, space, shift and backspace keys run uniformly and smoothly.

Technical details

Number of keys
Keycap material
Doubleshot ABS
Connection Type
USB Type-C
USB + Type C
Dimensions (LxWxH)
32,3 x 11,7 x 3,6 cm
1.47 kg
1 year


  • Keyboard

  • Box

  • A shipping box is part of the package. You will need it if you want to return the keyboard without a deduction for the incomplete set;

  • Dust cover

  • Keycap and switch Puller 2 in 1

  • USB Type-C cable with velcro clasp

  • Additional keycaps

  • Instruction

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Eigentlich ziemlich cool. Könnte man RGB beleuchtung einbauen

1 week ago

My old office keyboard (Cherry MY - yes, MY) won't hold a candle to this, so I compare it to a Leopold MX Brown. ++++ The stabilizers are exceptional: factory lubed, no rattling at all, vastly superior to my Leopold. +++ The Iris switch is made for productivity. It is smooth, factory lubed and has a very pronounced tactile bump, so it's easy to type more accurately on it than on MX Brown. ++ The small form factor leaves space for the mouse; everything is within reach (for coding), no need to look down. I don't work with Excel, so I won't need the numpad. ++ It has Delete (for coding) and Insert (for Linux clipboard). ++ Caps and Ctrl functionality can be swapped (convenience). + Backlight and Bluetooth are nice additions over the Leopold, but I don't use these features. 0 The color is beautiful but not my personal favorite. 0 Weird placement for Fn key. 0 Weird placement for Caps indicator. - Although the board is very sturdy, the kickstands don't seem so. I don't use them though. - The Iris switches sound louder and sharper than MX Browns and it is not my favorite. Fortunately the colleagues didn't complain at all. -- While the ABS keycaps are smooth, silky and good quality, they won't come anywhere close to the gritty, rough yet awesome feel of the PBT keycaps on my Leopold. This is the only thing I would change on this board. Shout out to the Geekboards team (especially the person) who sent this board for me. You are awesome! :)

7 months ago

Maybe, you need some like those

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