features of this variant
Cherry MX switches, USB Type-C, No backlight


features of this variant
Varmilo EC switches, USB Type-C, White backlight

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Variants features

Variant Connection Switches Backlight
Mini-USB Type-C Bluetooth Cherry MX Varmilo EC v2
VA × × ×
MA × × ×
VD × × ×
VEA × × ×
VEM × × ×
VED × × × ×

Varmilo is a shining star in the firmament of Chinese keyboard manufacturers. Pre-lubed stabilisers, hand-assembly, aesthetic design - every Varmilo keyboard is like a masterpiece.

If a panda signifies prosperity, this keyboard guarantees triumph in all your pursuits.The green hue of the keycaps, reminiscent of the best green tea from Zhejiang province will make you invincible.