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Vortexgear is a Taiwanese manufacturer of mechanical keyboards known for their extensive programmability, lack of gaps between keycaps and in-house manufactured stabilisers.

This model is available in a cool grey and white colour with black symbols and additional multicoloured modifier keys. Convenient layout of navigation keys (arrow keys, PgUp, etc.) and programmability make this keyboard an ideal choice for typing.

RGB backlight

You can use PN combinations to change the color, brightness, turn on one of the built-in modes or create a custom backlight using the keyboard itself.

Additional FN functions

The FN-layer gives the keyboard the same functionality as a full-size keyboard but in its compact size.

Aluminium case

Cool and nice to the touch, the case is made of high-quality and solid aluminium, with rubber feet that allow the keyboard to fit snugly on your desk.


There are 4 layers on the keyboard: 1 standard layer is unchangeable, the other layers can be customised via the keyboard itself.

PBT Dye-sub keycaps

The keys are made of highly durable PBT plastic with dye-sublimation technology. This combination allows the keys to maintain its initial appearance for a very long time.

Partially compatible with Mac OS

There are no multimedia functions of the F-row. The modifier keys can be swapped in the Mac OS system settings. However, keyboard firmware can only be updated on Windows.

Technical details

Keycap material
Compatible with MAC OS
Multimedia keys
Detachable cable
Connection Type
USB Type-C
Cable length
1.5 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
31 x 12 x 3 cm
0.7 kg
1 year
Keycap profile


  • Keyboard

  • Box

  • USB Type-C cable with velcro clasp

  • 2 feet

  • There are extra Win and Alt keys for Windows users, as well as extra orange and grey keycaps — you can either make the keyboard monotonous or add a bright accent.

  • Extra modifier keys for Mac OS

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Customer Reviews

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Tried to come up with several reasons why a keyboard at that price point was a purchase as ridiculous as civet refined coffee but I'm glad I failed and pulled the trigger on this 75% keyboard. It came in a lovely personalized package. Very fast delivery, ordered Wednesday, delivered a day before Christmas, amazingly!! No bloatware, no frills, very luxurious typing feel and looks very nice on my desk. Highly recommend this shop.

6 months ago
Felix Gartner

Beautiful Keyboard! The Aluminium Frame/Base feels super solid and the Size is just perfect. I really like the clean/retro looking Keycaps when you replace the grey Caps with the colored ones. The only downside is the configuration of the RGB-Lightning and the Macros. Thats quiet tricky. Atleast for me, who is used to having a Software for my Keyboard. But other than that, i really like it!

3 years ago
Gabriel C.

Sehr gute Tastatur. Minimalistisch, »retro«, wertig, vergleichsweise schlank. Mangelhaft ist die seitliche Platzierung des USB-Anschlusses (Bluetooth wäre noch besser) und der Umstand, dass die RGB-Beleuchtung nur zwischen den Tasten scheint, nicht durch die Tasten selbst. An der ISO-DE-Variante ist - für mich - positiv hervorzuheben, dass es keine Side-Prints gibt. Damit sehen Oberfläche und Keycaps deutlich sauberer und aufgeräumter aus (bei direktem Vergleich mit einer ANSI-Variante mit Side-Prints, die damit leicht »zugemüllt« wirkt).

2 years ago

Maybe, you need some like those