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There is a module for installing a small LCD, an internal weight, and a knob in a PVD Prism color included in the kit.

The Zoom75 KIT Tri-Mode is a DIY kit that allows you to build the wireless hot-swap keyboard of your dreams almost from scratch. Keycaps and switches are not included, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect combination, and the extensive customization options will help you create a unique device.

Aluminum case

The anodized aluminum case maintains its pristine appearance for a long time, and due to its weight, the keyboard stays stable on the table. The E-White case features an electrophoretic coating. It's slightly thicker than anodization and is more matte.

Interchangeable 2U module

The kit comes with a pre-installed module featuring an encoder and an extra key, which can be replaced with a small LCD. The kit also includes a module for installing the LCD screen.

This includes the colorful small LCD screen itself, a knob module kit for mounting it in the keyboard case, and a flat cable.


Special sockets allow the switches to be freely replaced without resoldering. The standard Cherry MX style switches are suitable for this keyboard.

Gasket Mount

Mounting style with damper pads, which isolates the PCB and plate from direct contact with the case, providing a softer, quieter typing sound.

Tri-mode PCB with RGB backlight

The Zoom75 has backlight and three connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz, and wired via USB-C. Use the keyboard with your PC, tablet, or phone.


Supports QMK. You can remap keys, layers and create macros via a dedicated software, VIA.

The keyboard supports multiple layouts: ISO, ANSI, 6.25U and 7U space bars, split space bar (3U-1U-3U), split backspace, split left shift, and stepped caps lock.

WS V3 Stabilizers

They allow for smooth pressing on the long keys. To enhance the tactile feel, the wires are coated with thermoplastic polyurethane.

Technical details

Compatible with MAC OS
Multimedia keys
Detachable cable
Connection Type
USB Type-C
USB + Bluetooth + 2.4G Wireless
1 year


  • USB Type-C cable

  • Daughterboard with JST cable

  • Aluminum case: bottom and top parts

  • Backplate

  • Tri-mode Flex Cut RGB PCB

  • Knob module kit

  • Flexible flat cable

  • 2.4G USB Receiver

  • 2 li-ion batteries

  • Poron dampener kit

  • Gaskets

  • PC plate

  • Module for installing a LCD screen

  • MS V3 stabs (5+2+2)

  • 8 silicone keyboard feet (black and white)

  • Screws and hex key

  • Black carrying case

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