Repair of Mechanical Keyboards

Facing keyboard troubles? Don't worry! We're right here in Berlin, always eager to help and bring your keyboard back to life
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We work with most brands on the market

Deep Cleaning

39 €

We'll do a preventative cleaning + disassemble the keyboard, clearing out and rinsing the switches and board – everything inside the case.

Suitable for:
If you've spilled liquid on your keyboard.
Keyboards that have been with you for many years – it's time for a refresh.

Not suitable for:
Keyboards with Romer-G switches.

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Preventive Cleaning

19 €

No need to disassemble the case — we'll clean the plate from dirt between the switches, blow out the switches, and wash the keycaps.

Suitable for:
Keyboards that have seen a bit of wear and tear.

Not suitable for:
If you've spilled liquid: water, juice, or soda – simply drying won't help.

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Lubing Switches

from 55 €

We'll desolder, disassemble, and carefully lube each switch.

Lubricating the switches helps address the issue of mechanical squeaking and noisy springs, making keystrokes smooth and comfortable.

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Changing Switches

from 15 €

It'll help if the switches stop working and cleaning doesn't resolve the issue. Plus, this service is for those seeking a quicker switch replacement without soldering.

Soldering: We'll desolder the old switches and solder on new ones.

Hot-Swap: We can replace any number of switches if your keyboard has a quick switch replacement system.

If you're unsure about your mounting type, just email us.

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Installation of sound dampening foam

29 €

We'll install noise insulation in the case to make the keyboard quieter.

When the cavities of the case are empty, the sounds from the switches reflect in the open space and create noise. Noise is the enemy of a quiet keyboard.

We use biplast as the insulation material. For each keyboard, we individually determine the amount needed, depending on the volume of free space in the case.

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PCB Trace Repair

35 €

We'll diagnose the issue and repair the PCB.

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Don't give up on your damaged keyboard just yet! Let us take a look, and we can likely repair it at a lower cost than replacing it.

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Showroom and Service Center for Mechanical Keyboards in Berlin

Come visit us. You can fix your keyboard, look for an accessory, or pick up a new keyboard

Mon - Tue, Thurs - Sat 10:00 – 19:00

Warranty up to 12 months

We always test devices after our services, but if something goes wrong due to our oversight, we'll make it right at our expense.

Free diagnostics

We'll determine the cause of the issue with the keyboard, get in touch with you, and explain everything about the upcoming repair.

We keep you in the loop

If there's a simpler and more affordable solution than anticipated, or if unexpected repairs arise, we'll discuss it with you and proceed only with your approval.

Express service

Repairs usually take 1-2 days, but we may need extra time if necessary.

Send us your keyboard

Don't worry, you don't have to pay for anything now. We will diagnose and contact you to agree on the list of works and the cost

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